TriHunter 6000

Tri Hunter 6000

Gas blending was never easier

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • No hassles
  • No Haskel

Why you need it

Save time

Partial-pressure blending — even if done on a large scale with multiple storage bottles — is a colossal time suck. And, because time is money, any time spent mixing gas is time better spent elsewhere. For mixes with up to 40% O2, the TriHunter frees you from ever having to do this again.

Save money

Any time you have to empty the remaining gas from a tank before you can fill it with the mix you want, you’re watching valuable oxygen and helium go right out the window. Nor should you have to. Our exclusive Accublend software helps you add just the right gasses on top of what you already have to get the mix you want without wasting anything.

No hassles

A continuous-blending system won’t actually save you time if you have to constantly monitor the oxygen or helium output and fiddle with dials or valves in an effort to keep it where it needs to be. With the TriHunter, the Accublend controller does all this for you, leaving you free to do more important things.

No Haskel

Booster pumps are expensive, challenging to maintain and have a nasty habit of blowing up without warning. Fortunately, with the TriHunter 6000, you won’t need one. Your compressor will do all the work for you, saving you money, headaches — and having to duck from flying shrapnel.

How it works

What you get

Each TriHunter 6000 system includes:

  • Two high-performance gas regulators
  • Accublend 2 controller
  • Mixing stick
  • All necessary hardware to mate the mixing stick to your compressor intake

High-Performance Regulators

We supply one each for your oxygen and helium bottles. Each regulator has a precise, 20-turn needle valve that lets you do the initial fine tuning of your oxygen and helium percentages. From here, gas feeds to the Accublend controller, through the mixing stick, then through your compressor to either your storage cylinders or customers’ tanks. These regs will drain a supply bottle to 1-1.5 bars/15-20psi, eliminating the need for an expensive Haskel.

Accublend 2 Controller

Accublend 2 is our most advanced control unit yet. It offers:

  • A seven-inch, full-color digital display
  • Touch-screen convenience
  • Precise control over FO2 and FHe
  • Program up to five pre-set mixes
  • Retrofit to any earlier TriHunter system

Using the controller is so simple, it’s almost child’s play. You quite literally set it and forget it.


TriHunter Software

In most instances, you don’t have to waste the residual gas left over in cylinders. Want to turn a leftover 15/55 mix into 21/35? No problem! Plug in the existing cylinder pressure and gas concentrations, along with your target mix, and the TriHunter software will tell you how to use the mixing system to top off the cylinder, getting exactly the blend you want.

The software also calculates Equivalent Narcotic Depth (END) and PO2. It further allows you to plug in pricing for your gas and automatically calculates a price for each fill.

And that’s not all…

  • Mixing sticks are available in three different size to better meet your needs
  • One-year warranty on the electronics; lifetime warranty on the mixing stick
  • Each system is custom-built and ready for delivery within three to four weeks of when we receive your deposit
  • Product information available in six different languages

Find out more

If you have questions, we have the answers

  • The base price of the TriHunter 6000 system is US$4,500. This can vary, however, depending on the capacity of your compressor, the size mixing tube you will need, and the attachment hardware required.
  • Use the form below to tell us more about your system. This will allow us to better answer your questions and give you a more accurate estimate of the costs involved.
  • For volume and distances, specify whether units of measure are cubic feet, liters, feet, inches, meters or centimeters.