TriHunter 6000

Tri Hunter 6000

Gas blending was never easier

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • No hassles
  • No Haskel
Save time

Save time

Partial-pressure blending — even if done on a large scale with multiple storage bottles — is a colossal time suck. And, because time is money, any time spent mixing gas is time better spent elsewhere. For mixes with up to 40% O2, the TriHunter frees you from ever having to do this again.

Save money

Any time you have to empty the remaining gas from a cylinder before you can fill it with the mix you want, you’re watching valuable oxygen and helium go right out the window. Nor should you have to. Our exclusive Accublend software helps you add just the right gasses on top of what you already have to get the mix you want without wasting anything.

Save money
Save hassles

No hassles

A continuous-blending system won’t actually save you time if you have to constantly monitor the oxygen or helium output and fiddle with dials or valves in an effort to keep it where it needs to be. With the TriHunter, the Accublend controller does all this for you, leaving you free to do more important things.

No Haskel

Booster pumps are expensive, challenging to maintain and have a nasty habit of blowing up without warning. Fortunately, with the TriHunter 6000, you won’t need one. Your compressor will do all the work for you, saving you money, headaches — and having to duck from flying shrapnel.

No Haskel

Discover how it all works

While you may think this has to be complicated, it isn’t. In fact, it’s surprisingly simple.


Find out what you will need

We make each TriHunter system to meet the needs of the end user. Tell us about your fill station; we’ll design a system just for you.


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