TriHunter 6000

How it works

Each TriHunter 6000 system includes:

  • Two high-performance gas regulators
  • Accublend controller
  • Mixing stick
  • All necessary hardware to mate the mixing stick to your compressor intake

High-Performance Regulators

We supply one each for your oxygen and helium bottles. Each regulator has a precise, 20-turn needle valve that lets you do the initial fine tuning of your oxygen and helium percentages. From here, gas feeds to the Accublend controller, through the mixing stick, then through your compressor to either your storage cylinders or customers’ tanks. These regs will drain a supply bottle to 1-1.5 bars/15-20psi, eliminating the need for an expensive Haskel.

Accublend Controller

The controller’s built-in analyzer monitors oxygen and helium levels, adjusting gas flow as needed to maintain the target output levels. There are six, electronically controlled shut-off solenoids that stop the flow of both oxygen and helium if:

  • You push the auto calibration button while the compressor is running
  • There is any loss of power to the Accublend electronics box
  • The O2 sensor reaches 39.9 percent
  • The sensor cables are unplugged
  • The power switch is turned off
  • The compressor stops running

TriHunter Software

In most instances, you don’t have to waste the residual gas left over in cylinders. Want to turn a leftover 15/55 mix into 21/35? No problem! Plug in the existing cylinder pressure and gas concentrations, along with your target mix, and the TriHunter software will tell you how to use the mixing system to top off the cylinder, getting exactly the blend you want.

The software also calculates Equivalent Narcotic Depth (END) and PO2. It further allows you to plug in pricing for your gas and automatically calculates a price for each fill.

And that’s not all…

  • Mixing sticks are available in three different size to better meet your needs
  • One-year warranty on the electronics; lifetime warranty on the mixing stick
  • Each system is custom-built and ready for delivery withing three to four weeks of when we receive your deposit
  • Product information available in six different languages
Your needs

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We make each TriHunter system to meet the needs of the end user. Tell us about your fill station; we’ll design a system just for you.

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